E-Learning: TYSCOM

Your Situation:

  1. You would like a refresh of your German language skills.

  2. You are preparing an important trade show or conference, in which there is a great advantage if speaking a good German, and you would like to go through your main arguments and points?

  3. You have too little time at the moment to come to Munich for a course.

  4. You want to save the hotel and flight costs and better prefer to stay in a good atmosphere to train with us.

  5. You like to get new informations what is actually discussed in Germany.

  6. You need advice on the business culture and you want professional correction when speaking?

Our Concept:

You´re booking single lessons or a lesson package and call us via Skype, we will discuss your important questions, assist you in speaking, and correct you accurately.

  1. E-TYSC means efficiant time because travel time is omitted.

  2. E-TYSC can take place anywhere in the world you stay.

  3. E-TYSC is inexpensive, since no travel and accommodation costs are incurred.

  4. E-TYSC could offer you a stay on a "peaceful and recreative island" in the turbulent flow of your busines-day.

Hope, we´ll meet up soon @ E-TYSC!